Rachel Howe - Milwaukee, WI Digital Marketing Strategist

Rachel Howe

Owner of Bite Sized Media & Digital Marketer in Milwaukee, WI

Hi, I’m Rachel Howe. I’m the owner of Bite Sized Media – a hyperlocal SEO & online marketing agency located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Over the past seven years, I’ve helped dozens of companies grow their website traffic and revenue online through SEO and online marketing and I’m looking to add more to the list. Make sure to check out my blog posts and marketing resources to help you grow your business. Want even more? Enter your email below to sign up for my once-a-month newsletter and get exclusive content packed with helpful tips on SEO and local marketing to help you grow your business!

Getting a High Value Link With an Inc. Verified Business Profile

Link Building

As an ethical SEO professional, I never advocate buying links. Paid directory listings, however, can be very beneficial depending on the directory. One that I came across recently and I highly recommend checking out is Inc.’s Verified Profile listing where you can list your business with a short description, your site and your logo. This...

Check Out My New Online Local SEO Course!

Hyperlocal SEO Online Course

I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally launched my first website to teach online marketing and SEO courses. My first online course, Hyperlocal SEO Fundamentals, covers the basics of what local SEO is and how it works, complete with eight lectures that feature quizzes to test your knowledge. I ran a round of beta testers...

Local SEO Expert Q&A: 56 Answers on Local Marketing

Local SEO Expert Q&A

This image is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Local SEO, and SEO in general, is a tough game. One minute you’re ranking number one with your Google My Business listing for your top keyword + city, the next minute, Google changes the number of listings they show in the local pack...

SEO Tools I Can’t Live Without

How to Hire SEO Agency

This post is going to be short and sweet and highlight the SEO tools I’ve been using for years that I can’t live without. Without further ado…here they are: SEMrush – My go to for domain/competitor research and rank tracking. Moz – I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they didn’t use Moz’s tools...