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Rachel Howe

Owner of Bite Sized Media - Milwaukee-Based Local SEO & Online Marketing Agency

Hi, I’m Rachel. I run an restaurant marketing agency located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for restaurant groups, food and beverage franchises, and local businesses.  With my knack for marketing, I’ve helped dozens of small, medium, and enterprise-level B2B & B2C companies grow their traffic and revenue through SEO, content marketing, and social media over the past eight years. On this site I share blog posts and marketing resources to help small business owners and in-house marketers grow their business through SEO and hyperlocal marketing. Enter your email below and sign up for my newsletter where you’ll get exclusive content once-a-month on local SEO and marketing to help you grow your business.

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Search engine optimization is a long-term game with long-term gains, which is why I love it and have been doing it for the past seven consecutive years for myself and my clients. I don’t waste time & money on things that aren’t going to make a business impact.

Content Marketing

Great content alone is not enough. I help get small businesses get their content found online by taking the time to do research upfront, followed by relentless outreach to industry influencers and building long term relationships.

Online Reviews & Testimonials

Ratings and reviews are one of the top things consumers pay attention to before making a purchase online. I help businesses get more reviews and testimonials to help them establish trust and increase their revenue.

What People Are Saying

Since working with Bite Sized Media, I've seen a 30% rise in traffic and have gotten more leads through Google searches. Rachel is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend Bite Sized Media to anyone looking for a competent SEO consultant.

Le Bon Garcon Caramels

Justin Chao - Owner, Le Bon Garcon Caramels

Rachel at Bite Sized Media has been an awesome partner to Cultivate. Rachel’s knowledge of SEO and her ability to work closely with Cultivate has been a huge help to our clients.

Cultivate Communications

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