New Year, New Blog Posts on Digital Marketing

Recently I have started working with a great group of digital marketers/writers at Get Busy Media; a small business marketing company based out of New York.

The past couple of months have been really busy with me excited to share my writing contributions to the  Get Busy Media blog, while also starting a new job, creating a new look for this site, and finishing my studies (Phew!, I get tired just writing that!). While its been exciting and sometimes hectic the past few months, it has taken my time away from me having the chance to write posts for my blogs.

One of my resolutions involved writing more for this site, as well as my other small business marketing blog,  and creating an editorial calendar for each.

Call me crazy, but I’ve decided I’d like to write a post for each once a week, and you can expect a new post here once every Monday. My posts will be short or long, depending on how much time I have that week, but you can expect them to each be just as useful. I haven’t quite figured out how much I’m going to write for rmhowe,com , but my aim is to also write once a week, perhaps more detailed posts over there.

Please stop by to leave your thoughts on my writings over at GBM on small business marketing, and check here every week for more of my tips and thoughts on small business marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, as well as some random thoughts about marketing and business in general.

My goal for this year is to also get some great guest posts, as well as some other great things I have planned to make this a better resource and community surrounding digital marketing.

I hope you stop by, and I’m looking forward to a great new year!