How to Make Your Presentations Impossible to Forget

I came across a great Slideshare presentation recently on the top 5 reasons we forget presentations. If you’re in marketing and sales, this is especially useful information on how to make your presentations more engaging by learning what you’re doing wrong, and tips on to make your next presentation memorable.

The top 5 reasons people forget your presentations:

1.) We don’t pay attention to the content in the first place

2.) Some information is too similar to other information

3.) Content is not processed deeply

4.) There is too much emphasis on knowing “that” versus knowing “how”

5.) The list of items presented is too long!

How to make your presentations impossible to forget:

1.) Draw attention to whats important

2.) Deviate from sameness

3.) Enable participants to process content deeply

4.) Invite them to be part of the experience

5.) Keep it short

Click here to view the complete Slideshare presentation by Rexi Media.