Portfolio Highlight: Zen Living Spa

Below is a recent website I’ve created for a local spa in Milwaukee. This was an exciting project because the business owner never had a website up until this point.

I created this website using an existing WordPress template and edited to give it it’s own unique spa-like look.

What I did: 

  • Created website
  • Optimized website for search
  • Created Google Places listing
  • Installed Google Analytics

Spa in Milwaukee


Nicely Optimized for Local Search Traffic

When creating the site, I made the site optimized for search, adding unique title and meta tags to each page, and well structured URL’s. The new “book an appointment” form makes it so people can now book an appointment online. I’m excited to see this website do well. With their website being brand new, it will take time for it to build it’s authority in the search engines and gain attention from local traffic.

Google Places Listing for Local Traffic and Business Reviews

In a addition to optimizing the site, I also created a Google Places listing for the spa. With the new Google Places listing created, it will hopefully bring in local traffic now that it is created and optimized for local Milwaukee spa searches. A few reviews to the Google Places listing will really help it’s placement in local search results.

Google Places Optimization

Google Analytics Installation for Website Activity Tracking and Reporting

When I set up the site, I also installed Google analyitcs in order to track website activity. Since the website was created, it has now received over 100 unique visits in the past 2 months, which is great to see!

Spa in Milwaukee

With continued search engine optimization efforts and using the information from web analytics to guide the optimization efforts, I think this new WordPress website will do very well in the future. As I tell most clients, search engine optimization is a long term investment, and it takes commitment to see flourishing results.