“Milwaukee SEO” Searches Move up Drastically

Searches for the term, “Milwaukee SEO” have increased drastically within the last few months compared to February. There were near to zero searches before February of this year. Starting with March, searches for “Milwaukee SEO” has gone from mid 70’s to an average of 100 searches a month.

Is this the result of business’ increased SEO budgets looking for Milwaukee SEO consultants? Or, is it from the increase in Milwaukee-based search marketers researching their competition?

Below is an image of this data from Google’s Insights for search:


Milwaukee SEO


There was no data on this search term dating up until February this year. As you can see, this is a pretty drastic jump. It will be interesting to see more on this in the next coming months.

Have you noticed any increasing trends lately, either in search marketing or in marketing in general? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.