Milwaukee – A City That Continues to Expand its Social and SEO Reach

I’ve lived in the Milwaukee and Waukesha area my whole life so far. I’ve been studying business for a number of years, always unsure of what exactly I wanted to do. I’m not really a numbers person, so I decided marketing is a good route to go. Marketing is quite broad and allows for creativity, which is something I think is important.

I’ve had several internships in web development and marketing, but for the past five months or so, I have been working for a web development company in Sussex as an internet marketing analyst. In my recent position and in my past internships, I have learned a lot about search engine optimization also known as “SEO”, and social media marketing. I was surprised how intertwined social media and SEO are. Social media optimization was something I didnt even know about till I entered the field.

I’ve also learned that search engine optimization is quite intricate, actually. You have to be marketing savvy, a good writer, as well as possess technical chops. Analytical skills go a long way too. All these traits are highly sought after, so I think its a good place to be in marketing right now.

I consider myself a quick learner, so I started offering SEO services to Milwaukee businesses as soon as I felt I had a good understanding  of SEO and a good amount of experience with it. Once I started promoting myself as a Milwaukee SEO Specialist, I started offering social media consulting and SEO services. I noticed a lot of people are looking for help with it. To be quite honest, I was surprised I would actually get anyone asking me about freelance work.

Turns out, Milwaukee is really booming in this area. There are many SEO professionals that have started offering their freelance services, more so in the past year than there ever was before (or so thats what my boss tells me). Many agencies and businesses have been partnering with “social media consultants” and “SEO consultants” in Milwaukee in order to offer their clients these types of services. Just doing a simple Google search for “social media Milwaukee” or ” Milwaukee SEO” and you’ll see at least a dozen individuals or businesses offering their expertise.

I think its great that Milwaukee is putting its mark in the digital space. I hope that we will continue to make progress in this area and put Milwaukee on the map for its digital savvy professionals because Milwaukee has some really knowledgeable and talented people that are eager to make a name for themselves.

What do you think about Milwaukee’s talent? Do you think Milwaukee is, or will be put on the map as having a large group of  technically savvy business professionals?