5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating Your Next Piece of Content

5 Qustions to Ask Yourself Before Creating Your Next Piece of Content

Its no news in the marketing world nowadays, that to establish yourself or your business as an authority, you have to produce content. Whether that’s a blog post, infographic, video, podcast, or whatever medium you choose to use. Creating authoritative content consistently, just like doing anything well consistently, will yield you better results down the...

Local or Bust! An Intro to Google Local and All Things Links

My colleague & I did a presentation on Local SEO (Google My Business & building local links) at Wordcamp Milwaukee this past weekend. Check it out and see what you missed! [slideshare id=37406927&doc=local-or-bust-google-local-and-all-things-links-wcmke-2014-140727203535-phpapp02] I’d love it if you could share your feedback in the comments and share on your social networks! -Rachel  

How to Make Your Presentations Impossible to Forget

I came across a great Slideshare presentation recently on the top 5 reasons we forget presentations. If you’re in marketing and sales, this is especially useful information on how to make your presentations more engaging by learning what you’re doing wrong, and tips on to make your next presentation memorable. The top 5 reasons people...