Analyze Keyword Trends With Google Insights for Search

Google Insights for Search is a great tool to analyze keyword search terms over time. I use Google Insights for Search to do a quick analysis on keyword search trends over time. Below is an example I’m going to use in this post to highlight the key benefits of using this tool.

The three words I chose to analyze are: “keyword research” “keyword analysis” and “website keywords.”


Keyword Research Tool

I then adjusted the filter on the left to conduct this search in the United States only, since that is the data I care about seeing. If I wanted to, I could have set the filter to only show me trends in Wisconsin, but I chose to leave it broad. This is one key benefit of this tool when compared to the Google Adwords tool, is that I can have set the filter to only show me trends in Wisconsin (or whatever state I choose to search by).

Keyword Analysis

This graph shows me the interest over time for each phrase I entered. From looking at this graph, “keyword research” has the highest search traffic over time, and continues to rise when compared to the others.

This data is great to know because it can help me refine my target keyword list and help me choose the keywords that not only have the highest search traffic, but the interest for that phrase over time.

Keyword Trends Over Time

The image below shows me that Nevada has the highest amount of searches for “keyword research” in the U.S. , followed by Utah, whereas Florida, Colorado, and Arizona seem to be conducting more searches on “website keywords.”

Google Insights for Search

Below is an image of top keywords that are related to “keyword research.” “Keyword tool” and “keyword research tool” are two of the top highest searches and are great potential targets for me to work with if I were interested in capturing that search traffic.

On the right side of the top searches relating to “keyword research” are search phrases that are rising. Many of these include “free keyword” or “Google keyword” within the search phrase. This information is worth paying attention to since searches for these keyword phrases could continue to rise over time.

Google Insights for Search

The information this tool provides is extremely valuable when creating a target keyword list for your website. It can also be helpful for pay per click marketing as well because it can show you which states are searching more heavily than others for certain keywords that you want to target.

If you have any questions, comments, or tips to provide, please share them in the comment section below.