Rachel Howe - Milwaukee, WI Digital Marketing Strategist

Rachel Howe

Owner of Bite Sized Media & Digital Marketer in Milwaukee, WI

Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m a digital marketer and entrepreneur living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Over the past seven years, I’ve helped dozens of companies get found & noticed online through SEO and online marketing and I’m looking to add more to the list. Sign up for my monthly newsletter and get exclusive content packed with practical advice.

SEO Tools I Can’t Live Without

How to Hire SEO Agency

This post is going to be short and sweet and highlight the SEO tools I’ve been using for years that I can’t live without. Without further ado…here they are: SEMrush – My go to for domain/competitor research and rank tracking. Moz – I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they didn’t use Moz’s tools...

Case Study: Consolidating Sub-Domains & Going Responsive

Sub-Domain Consolidation & Responsive Design Case Study

Have you considered making your website responsive, or wondered about the impact it might have on your website’s performance? A lot of businesses still haven’t gone down the responsive web design route yet, or they’re just moving in that direction very slowly and setting it aside as a “one day” project. Well, two ecommerce sites...

How to Hire the Best SEO Agency for Your Company

How to Hire SEO Agency

I came across an interesting email conversation today that sparked my interest to write this post. This email was from another company that was looking for insight on hiring an SEO agency. They are currently on the hunt for a new agency like many other businesses today that need SEO help and are looking to...

SEJ Summit Chicago 2016 Wrap Up

SEJ Summit Chicago

I recently attended SEJ Summit Chicago this past Thursday and I have to admit, it was a pretty good conference for it being a small one. I personally liked it better than SES Chicago. It’s always great to hear from others in the industry and their experiences and I walked away with some great insights...

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating Your Next Piece of Content

5 Qustions to Ask Yourself Before Creating Your Next Piece of Content

Its no news in the marketing world nowadays, that to establish yourself or your business as an authority, you have to produce content. Whether that’s a blog post, infographic, video, podcast, or whatever medium you choose to use. Creating authoritative content consistently, just like doing anything well consistently, will yield you better results down the...