Rachel Howe - Milwaukee, WI Digital Marketing Strategist

Rachel Howe

Owner of Bite Sized Media & Digital Marketing Specialist

Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist and Owner of Bite Sized Media located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Over the past seven years, I’ve helped dozens of small, medium and large-sized B2B & B2C companies get found and noticed online through SEO, content marketing and social media and I’m looking to add more to the list. Sign up for my monthly newsletter and get exclusive content on digital marketing packed with practical advice.

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Search engine optimization is a long term game with long-term gains, which is why I love it and have been doing it for the past six consecutive years for myself and my clients. I don’t waste time & money on things that aren’t going to make a business impact.

Content Strategy

I help companies make sense of the content-ridden internet and make a plan to stand out by purposeful execution backed by data & meaningful insights.

Content Marketing

Great content alone is not enough. I help get content found online by taking the time to do research upfront, followed by relentless outreach to industry influencers and building long term relationships.

What People Are Saying

I enjoyed working with Rachel because she is extremely dedicated and passionate not only about SEO, but continual professional development. During her time at Top Floor, she always seeked to provide her clients with the best consultation, strategy and tactics, which resulted in greater traffic and goal conversions for her client's websites.

Eric Vallee

Eric Vallee, Sr. Search Marketing Specialist at Top Floor

I worked with Rachel on our corporate site. When we started, I knew relatively little about SEO, content marketing & website strategy. Rachel worked with us to explain how to get better results, how to build campaigns and improve the overall usefulness of our site. She has the patience to clearly explain the nuances of search engines and why certain practices work, and why others don't. She also showed me how simple changes made on our site had profound effects on how customers could find us and do business with us. The experience left me much more educated about the workings of the web and how companies can draw more customers and activity to their site. Rachel has a unique blend of technical knowledge, practical experience and effective communication that can be used by any company looking to improve their digital presence.

Guy DeFlorio - CTO of Mutual Materials Company

Guy DeFlorio, CTO of Mutual Materials Company

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